As a church we believe that we should love our neighbours. That means to help our local community, to offer support to those in need or even just to go around picking up litter. God has given us this world to live in together and we want to do all we can to ensure that were are all given the same opportunities, care and support as we journey together.

Our vision has therefore been to go into our local community to show something of the love of God to those around us. To that end, we have connected with several different charities working in our local area to try and bring help to those in need. In recent years these have included: Age UK, Christians Against Poverty (CAP), Dementia Friends, Home for Good, Hope for Justice and the New Hope Food Bank.

In particular our church family has committed to 3 key areas:
> To pray for our community, for those in need and for those people who are helping those in need.
> To give food, money, clothes and other practical things to help people who are unable to provide for themselves.
> To volunteer time, as many of the charities rely on volunteers to carry out their work.