We have 3 core values: Knowing God, Growing in Christ, Overflowing in Life

Knowing God:

We want to commit to a deeper relationship with God. We want to be free of the baggage of pretension. We are not special, elite or holier than thou; this is a family where anyone can feel at home.

We want to tell the stories of our extraordinary God in everyday language so they can impact every person’s life.

Growing in Christ:

We see Swallownest Baptist Church as a safe place where anyone can ask any question and explore faith at their own pace.

We want to be a ‘transformational’ place, where Jesus is proclaimed as the one and only way to reconnect with God.

We want everyone in our church family to have a contagious, uncontainable faith and the confidence to share it.

We want to be creative and dynamic in making Jesus known.

Overflowing in Life:

We want to be the kind of church where you can’t escape the fact that God is extraordinary!

We want to know the presence and power of this Holy Spirit as a normal part of life that overflows with his blessings.


Come as you are:

We want to be a place where everyone that walks through the door knows that they are welcome, valued and accepted as they are. No exceptions.

We want to communicate, structure our activities and conduct our worship in ways that reinforce this welcome at every turn.

We want people to have the opportunity to belong, really belong, before they are sure whether they believe.

Join in:

We believe that church is not a spectator sport. Everyone has a contribution to make, gifts to use, areas where we are called to serve each other and our community, and creativity to contribute. We value them all.

We believe that the Christian life is a shared journey and we want every member of our church family to belong to a place where we can share life, encourage faith and support one another.

Be transformed:

When we meet with God we expect to come away changed. We want our preaching, our worship, our homegroups and our pastoral care to be pregnant with that anticipation. We will not settle for going through the motions of faith, we will not be satisfied with being the same people today we were yesterday.