Prospects is an inclusive service for all those with learning disabilities.

Everyone welcome! The service is open to all age ranges, and to anyone who would like to come along and see what we do.

This service is put together by several local families who have an interest in providing an easy to follow Christian meeting for anyone with a learning disability. We sing lots of lively songs with actions (some people like waving flags), we act out stories from the Bible, and we end having tea (or juice) and cake together.

It usually takes place on the third Sunday of each month at 3:00pm and meets in the church hall to the side of the main church building.

Swallownest Baptist Church is wheel-chair accessible with a disabled toilet. There is limited car parking directly alongside the church hall. Please see our accessibility page for fuller information.

Prospects is part of the charity ‘Livability’ which aims to connect those with disabilities with their communities.