Our Sunday morning service goes out each week at 10:30am on our YouTube channel, although please join us in person if you can.

It really couldn’t be easier for you to join in. There are three simple steps to allow you to join with us for our online YouTube events.

Step 1. Head over to YouTube. This could be on a phone or tablet using the YouTube app, on a computer or laptop by heading to www.youtube.com or even on a smart TV.

Step 2. Search for Swallownest Baptist Church. There are not many of them so we normally come out on top!

Step 3. Click the picture of the church to take you through to our channel, here you will find all our videos, just watch and enjoy.

You can also look up our YouTube ‘handle’ @SwallownestBaptistChurch (https://www.youtube.com/@SwallownestBaptistChurch)

You might also find it helpful to click the ‘Subscribe’ button and the bell icon. That way you will get notified every time we put something new up.

The YouTube chat feature also allows us to interact with each other before and during the service. The chat feature is only available during the live broadcast, but a comments feature is available to add a permanent comment later on.

You can watch the latest Sunday Morning service or click on the ‘Playlist’ symbol to browse through previous weeks. Our YouTube channel has recordings extending back to March 2020.

Sunday Morning Service: