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A Time to Remember

by Newsletter

The summer has gone and many of us will be reflecting on our exploits during the warmer months…

Not always what we expect!

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It’s been quite a summer of surprises so far.

Whether we are thinking of the World Cup, Wimbledon, Westminster or even the weather…

Holidays and Weddings

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At this time of year, conversation is generally around holiday plans. However, this year my family seem to have been surrounded by plans for weddings and their associated celebrations…

Do not deny in the dark what God revealed to you in the light

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As we reflect upon the Easter story, we see that the disciples encountered moments of great confusion and doubt following the crucifixion. They found it difficult to recall, with any great conviction, what Jesus had taught them about the need for Him to die and that He would return from the dead…

Looking backwards and forwards

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Suddenly we appear to be well into 2018 with the month of January already almost gone. Like so many of you, I have spent a not inconsiderable time looking back at 2017, as always with a whole mixture of feelings and emotions…

Light in the Darkness

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A few weeks ago, as many were celebrating Hallowe’en with its underlying dark themes, we were able to enjoy an evening in church, bathed in light, at our ‘Light Party’…

Tempus Fugit – Time flies

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Regular readers of our church newsletter will have observed that very often my comments, expressed in these short articles, are often driven by …

Certainty in uncertainty

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On the 8th June we, as a nation, get another opportunity to cast our vote as we decide who will lead us for the next 5 years.
Many will have strong, well-established views on the way they will cast their vote, while others may still be giving consideration to the promises that the different parties are making…