At this time of year, conversation is generally around holiday plans. However, this year my family seem to have been surrounded by plans for weddings and their associated celebrations.

Whether a family wedding or that of close friends, they so often become the focal point of our thinking for months.

Of course weddings are lovely occasions when two people, who have fallen in love, declare their love publicly and make promises to each other to maintain and guard their relationship for the rest of their lives.

Those of us who attend are present because we love them too and want to be there to celebrate the special day and to support them into the future.

If this all sounds a little familiar then perhaps you watched the recent Royal Wedding and remember Bishop Michael Curry’s captivating sermon.

Addressing the congregation at the wedding of Harry and Meghan (now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex), and millions across the world, he spoke of the ‘love that burns like fire’ and can change the world.

He reminded us that the source of that love is God Himself, who has constantly demonstrated His love to the world – never more so than in the giving of His son Jesus to die on the cross.

We recently celebrated Pentecost which many describe as ‘the birth of the church’, when what looked like tongues of fire descended on the disciples and the Holy Spirit empowered them to preach the gospel – what Martin Luther King described as ‘the redemptive love of God’.

Many in our churches will attest to how that love has changed their lives and the fire of that love continues to burn in the churches of Swallownest and in thousands of churches across our land.

If you missed this outstanding message or wish to hear it again, click here.


phil clowes squarePhil Clowes is an elder on our leadership team.
Taken from the latest edition of our bi-monthly church newsletter.