Some years ago celebrities were invited to sum up Christmas in three words.
Their responses were many and varied:
“Eating too much”,
“The Queen’s speech”,
“Morecambe and Wise”,
“Lots of presents”,
“Tinsel and Turkey”

What would you say?
Of course, many of us would immediately think in terms of three words that would reflect the nativity;
“Christ is born”
“Peace on Earth”
“Joy to’t world” (if, like me, you’re from the north)

Vaughan Roberts wrote a little booklet entitled “Christmas in Three words” which poses this same question.

He makes the observation that if we take Christ out of Christmas we are left with MAS – not so far removed from M&S.

This might trigger another suggestion: “Too much commercialism”.

It’s probably true that at some point we all feel we have become somewhat distracted from the real message of Christmas in making sure we have the cards, presents, decorations and, of course, the food in place in time for the ‘big day’.

In this season of advent we need to set aside times in the midst of all the busyness to reflect on what “Christ is born” really means.

In the midst of so much of what has become attached to Christmas, sadly many dismiss Jesus as just a part of a myth. However, in his booklet, Vaughan Roberts firstly points out the historical evidence of Jesus’ life.

He goes on to speak of the joy that the story brings and the importance of considering it carefully, as it is not something we can afford to ignore.

The shepherds and the Magi heard and they immediately went to find out more.

This Christmas, it is my prayer that we all discover more of this incredible event and with the angels declare “Glory to God”.


phil clowes squarePhil Clowes is an elder on our leadership team.
Taken from the latest edition of our bi-monthly church newsletter.