Let me start by saying Happy New Year! Here we are, just getting into 2021 and almost at the end of the first month. It wasn’t what we expected I guess but nonetheless we have been greatly reassured by the way people are continuing to connect together in these strange and frustrating circumstances.

I recall saying these words at the Lord’s Table recently one Sunday: “Our unity is more marked in our dispersion. Our eating and drinking together in this way is a prophetic statement to the principalities and powers, to the spiritual forces and to the watching world – the church is not bricks and mortar. The church is not a group of people huddled together in the face of an indifferent world. The church is spread through the world like seeds in the soil, like yeast in the dough, like salt in the pot, and yet crucially, it is always church. And in the rhythms of worship, and most particularly in the rhythm of our eating together in this way, we proclaim our unity.”

These words and prayers are needed more than ever as we experience the worst of Covid-19 at this present time. However, we continue in this third lockdown with fresh hope as the vaccines continue to be rolled out. We give glory and thanks to God for the tireless efforts and determination of those brave heroes of the NHS delivering supplies, being a non-anxious presence in the face of chaos and administering jab after jab. We have a renewed call to persevere in prayer as Covid-19 threatens to overwhelm our health service and continues to inflict pain and loss. Therefore, let us stand together with many others and renew our commitment to sustained prayer.

Please continue to encourage and affirm each other in word and deed. Get in touch with someone to pray or to have a catch up. This will mean so much to them to know they are thought and cared for. Remember that we have a gracious God who longs for a deeper relationship with us. May I encourage you, and remind you, of how God is speaking into our church family and community in various ways and as we reach out to the least, the last and the lost. The food box project has been a great example of this. Many people got involved and together we delivered 38 parcels to families in great need. We were able to share God’s provision and love, and sow a seed that we pray God will bring to fruition in new transformed lives.

My prayer for us all in these ever changing times is, “God of every blessing, in this new season I invite you to shape our souls with your words and inspire our lives through your works. Teach us to walk in the way of blessing. Jesus, help us to give ourselves away to others, being kind to everyone we meet. Holy Spirit, help us to love the lost, proclaiming Christ in all we do and say. Amen.” Take great care and stay safe!

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David SkeetDavid Skeet is our church team leader.
Taken from the latest edition of our bi-monthly church newsletter.